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Usually leaders improve performances through a systemic change management Sans Cadre


“In my many management responsibilities, I have applied in real situations the approaches that have now become PLI’s. I have also observed the limitations of the coaching and seminars provided by the most advanced organizations, which disconnect individuals from teams, personal development from management commitments, physical from intellectual, mental from emotional, processes from attitude? Our thinking is so fragmented, and yet the human being is whole!”

Adel Paul Boulad, PLI founder and leader

“Hiring and promote first on the basis of integrity; second, motivation; third, capacity; forth, understanding; fifth, knowledge; and last and least, experience. Without integrity, motivation is dangerous; without motivation, capacity is impotent; without capacity, understanding is limited; without understanding, knowledge is meaningless; without knowledge, experience is blind. Experience is easy to provide and quickly put to use by people with the other qualities.”

Dee Hock, VISA founder and leader


Did you identify your engagement misalignments and size the gaps Sans Cadre


PLI’s approach is a sort of exploration for unprecedented results. It is distinguished by an effective balance of diverse disciplines, which allows everyone, with their individual sensitivities and at their own pace, to understand and transcend their own obstacles to professional performance.

PLI’s residential seminars are designed with a series of multidisciplinary workshops, each of which lasts from 40 to 120 minutes. They trigger and foster insights, learning, change, and action in new way of being. The physical metaphor is key : a PLI Coach considers the human being as a whole, not fragmented in physical vs. mental, vs. intellectual, etc.

PLI uses a spiral-type process that moves from creation to sharing of experiences and back again. The seminar, designed for a team of around ten individuals, along with their manager or leader, or for a group of 10 people from different companies, takes place in a residential setting. Together, these individuals explore new ways of being and generate personal and professional breakthroughs with unprecedented business results.

The PLI facilitator and coaches are there to guide the participants. The “spiral” method helps them to deepen their experience around work-related issues. It takes them repeatedly through a number of reference points over 4 dimensions:

  1. ARENA: physical, mental, intellectual, emotional, etc.,
  2. PATH:
    • Generating new space by creating a vacuum through the practice of distinctions in listening, opinions, bias, etc. (Karate-do, Singing, …),
    • Creating new possibilities (changing position, distance, timing, etc.) through coming from the other person (Aïki-do, rhythmic, …),
    • Self-alignment (Iaï-do, Role-plays, …).
  3. ALIGNMENT: synchronization of personal development with professional projects,
  4. PERFORMANCE: individual, team, commitments, results.

This coaching process generates insights for the participants about themselves through concrete experience. It allows them to transform their discoveries into actions through a new way of being. This process is a flexible approach that is dynamically customized:

  • it can move from one dimension to another at any moment,
  • it uses and is nourished by individual learning, breakthroughs, energy and insights.

PLI’s seminars focus on producing real, measurable results.

Address your attitude first:

  • Transform your loud or secret complaints, about others, about yourself, into concrete contribution to others for results,
  • Move from feeling tired, unavailable, limited, to become energized by others, and energizing others,
  • Unlock your barriers to create new possibilities at any time,
  • Transform rumors and conspiracies into efficient and effective operational information flow for results,
  • Give up on excuses and justifications for commitments to results,
  • Leverage on others ideas, express authentically and contribute to invent a common team vision


  • Invent a new and inspiring present and future for yourself and your teams,
  • Generate the expected results,
  • Open the functional silos, optimize the team synergy and meetings’ time,
  • Develop and embody a culture of success, reactivity and pleasure,
  • Cleverly capitalize on the excellences hidden in “silos”, and maximize global integration,
  • Develop self respect and mutual respect built on diversity and richness,
  • Reverse cultural fatalities,
    • Double bind, “who cares”, short cuts, humiliations, “I don’t care”, delegation traps,
    • Scapegoat, [Inshallah, Bokra, Maalesh], victimization, conspiracy, “amazing games”, “hide a seek mails”.
  • Manage and work differently, together,
  • Explore and implement motivating approaches for individuals and teams,
  • Take the leadership for initiatives, innovation concerning the stake holders,
  • Enhance individual and collective productivity, fluid and unprecedented,
  • Foster and embody a new team mindset about challenges and objectives in terms of,
    • Operational excellence, processes, governance, communication, management,
    • Business development, conquest, loyalty, partnership.
  • Other…

What is the link between individual and team success? Any reciprocity? What is you coaching “shopping list”, your concrete expectations from a PLI contribution?


The integrated leader achieves unusal results Sans Cadre


How could we develop real time discernment, dynamic understanding, endurance and courage in sharing with others and in action ? Isn’t that 360° respect! Usually, a PLI coach leverage on arts, particularly Martial Arts as remarkable path for mutual respect and self-respect.


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