Change Management

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Putting new possibilities into action


10F1020007 For each manager:

  • Develop a constructive relationship to change and be able to leverage on changes,
  • Successfully manage major changes,
  • Deal with human factors and processes and communicate effectively about change,
  • Motivate the personnel and align them with company values,
  • Generate “win-win” results,
  • Maintain operational effectiveness and service excellence,
  • Design and implement change projects.
This workshop is designed for a group of 10 to 15 managers within a company undergoing major changes.

Participants explore the phenomenon of change and how to bring about productive, inspiring changes. They will work with the input provided by their teams to create a change management project, with a concrete action plan that they will implement over the next two to three months.

In this workshop, participants assess their results and review what they have learned about change management.

Change Management Framework Sans Cadre


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