Individual Performance

Schema pyramidal

Succeeding with its own levers – 15h over 3 months


5Claude et Philippe Examples:

  • Generate unprecedented results ($, %, time, °, etc.) in operational and behavioral,
  • Understand and overcome obstacles to performance, generate energy differently rather than wasting it,
  • Transform impatience, stress, reticence, in a new way of being for success,
  • Look and act differently, in relation to time, to others, to things and to oneself,
  • Inspire others differently; generate an obvious and natural performance. 
Top executives in charge of a company, of a business unit, of a project, starting at a new position, taking part of a major change (vision, strategy, process, organization), searching for a new momentum, creating a new business unit, a company:

  • Exposed to concrete and significant challenges,
  • Motivated by the idea of working and directing differently, within the current constraints and assets,
  • Driven by a genuine desire to share with a third party in an individual coaching mode.

  • Create and implement a major change initiative, its operation and its management,
  • Adjust decision-making bodies, governance and operating mode…,
  • Communicate efficiently with Shareholders, Customers, Teams, etc.,
  • Develop reliable personal benchmarks, align choices, actions, communication,
  • Motivate and unify resources about a common and shared vision, and an operational roadmap,
  • Develop vision and values rigor, creativity and business agility,
  • Create a context, assign suitable roles, generate useful and meaningful results for each actor,
  • Develop operational efficiency, service excellence and proper rhythm.

Framed by the intentions and punctuated by operational reality:


Individual Performance Framework Sans Cadre


  • Decisional and relational mapping, prioritization, planning,
  • Energy and Results Matrix, relationship change keys, implementation,
  • Ecosystem sensing, assessment of the driving forces – desire – assets – fears – acts – challenges,
  • Alignment of Mission vs. “value chain” vs. operating mode, implementation,
  • Discernment of Act vs. Vocation, embodiment of vocation in day-to-day meetings, hiring, relationships, etc.
  • Short and mid-term success vision, prioritization matrix, planning, implementation,
  • Practice, role-playing games for real situations and issues.


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