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  • A common and shared success vision and related required changes,
  • Performing operational initiatives [function and cross function],
  • Efficient and useful communication about global and focus challenges,
  • Transform obstacles, justifications, et resignations into concrete added- value,
  • Embody a culture of success, reactivity, innovation and pleasure,
  • New and authentic relationship to goals (top to bottom, shared, …),
  • Transform poor and toxic relationships in performing and energetic ones,
  • An operational plan with a new way of being supportive and committed,
  • Governance and steering with authentic delegations for new priorities and motivation,
  • Catalyze and capitalize on differences (jobs, functions, cultures…) focused on creativity, innovation for operational efficiency,
  • Tracking and elimination of obsolete processes and tasks,
  • New process and mechanisms (meetings, …) for valuing the collective and team spacetime, 
  • Team and individual initiatives for productivity,
  • Authentic tracking about mutual expectations for team and individual successes.   


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