Setting your business challenges at the heart of the action


Through results

Helped my team achieve the short term results we set out to achieve and lay the foundation for longer term success… very unique model which pushed me to find my inside power realizing my ability to change & learn.

Team Achieved 102% of budget when forecasted 65% 3 months ago

Incredible team work and commitment to results… Understood how I can change my relationship to situations that disturb me.

Team successfully launched a new competitive product. Generated revenues in Fiscal Year allowing 2 company acquisitions

I am forming a better understanding of who I am, what I really need and how I can focus on generating real results.

Team generated 4M$ order within 2 weeks, and 105% of Fiscal Year budget

A first class opportunity for breaking the walls and building the future of an organization. Self examination directly related to my business results.

Team defined 2002 operational deployment and over achieved Quarter #4 budget versus 85% forecast


Through functions

Direct and to the point, very interactive, intense, people surpass themselves, We achieved an extraordinary level of commitment, We generated team motivation and guidelines for positive changes, We unlocked barriers by continually changing working platforms and dimensions, In just 3 days we achieved results that would normally require months to accomplish.

Judgment from the executive committee of a company specializing in hi-tech products and Services


Through cultures

Statements of the country and service managers of a leading IT & Telecom Manufacturing Company, the only European zone to have reached (and even exceeded) their turnover objectives: 102% versus 85% to 92% for the others

Feeling that my team is now a team in action.

 President, Japan & Korea

A very unique learning, which pushed me to find my inner power? realizing my ability to change & learn.

General Mgr, Near East Region

Excellent for relationship process to understand self & others better.

President, South East Asia

A new approach to problem solving and co-operation with people in difficult situations.

Country Mgr, Czech Republic

I discovered that authenticity and commitment are the keys to leading my team successfully.

General Mgr, Saudi Arabia

Very inspiring for changing my relationships with others, situations and critical business issues: increased revenues by $4 million just 2 weeks after the seminar.

Country Mgr, Greece

Authenticity is the key to breakthrough results, we create time by changing relationship immediately.

General Mgr, South Africa

Good team now with enthusiasm, and friendly.

President, Greater China

Terrifically encouraging, very helpful. It generates more trust, knowledge about who we are, how to work together in different way with impact on team progress and regions.

CEO, United States

Focusing people’s attention on what is important. Ideas on how to think differently to succeed. Team motivation to go out and win!

Vice President, Brazil


Through Companies

We commissioned Paul Boulad’s team from PLI to help us master an important stage of the growth and change of our company. The two-day immersion in the seminar helped all the participants reposition themselves and better know how to set their own goals in a team context. The results? A new level of efficiency, concentration on individual accomplishments and contribution to the team, that was able to return us to effective communication basics and work done well in the promised time frame. March 2001, Six months later… We continue to reap the benefits of this seminar. Our teams are more cohesive. Our newfound ability to take on greater challenges has an appreciable effect on our overall efficiency. We have since successfully managed two new acquisitions.

Yann DE PONTBRIAND, Chairman et CEO, Sharing Technologies

Challenge: new software program review Although I was convinced of the need to improve team spirit and make the sales structure of Cril Telecom Software (CTS) more dynamic, the idea of a coaching seminar seemed superfluous. After the experience shared with my team I thoroughly recommend PLI: they understood the magnitude of the challenge and they guaranteed positive results through an increase in incoming orders.

I have seen cooperation and teamwork that I thought were not achievable, and now I realize how committed my teams are to achieving our company’s business objectives. With PLI’s 3-day seminar, everything is falling into place: the team is committed and its potential is unlocked! Physical demonstrations are a thousand times more impressive than speeches and presentations. It’s an exceptional seminar and I was surprised to achieve this much: a very nice gift.

These 3 days confirmed my choice of PLI and this conviction was borne out during the personal coaching following the seminar: a solid, measurable contribution to our transformation and operational results at CTS.

Patrick SAMAMA, Chairman & CEO, Cril Telecom Software

I would recommend Paul to anyone who needs to achieve rapid results whilst being able to discuss options in a totally objective environment. Paul’s approach has helped my team achieve the short term results we set out to achieve and lay the foundation for longer term success, including personal breakthroughs for many of my team. With Paul’s help I’m forming a better understanding of who I am, what I really need and how I can focus on generating real results.

Michael Maigret, Customer Cisco Systems, EMEA


Through workshops

At first you feel a certain uneasiness, doubt, skepticism… then an enrichment, a progression, an ability to act, solutions and more ease in dealing with obstacles. You feel differently about all your relationships, but especially about yourself, because in the evening you make an unexpected, symbolically important telephone call. You take real, measurable initiatives on what’s important, with immediate, surprising results. Through simple, understandable exercises, you become aware, in an innovative way, of powerful tools that are right at hand and allow you to better discover and understand others and your own behavior with respect to them.