Involvement, authenticity and commitment


Used to, and experienced in multicultural and international contexts, PLI coaches address team and individual attitudes together with operational transformation challenges.They support customers on how to leverage on obstacles, unleash potentials and achieve your commitments. They leverage on sharing, experience and best practices, but more importantly, they are never your accomplice about failure, they foster alternatives to your “amazing games” that put at risk your successes. They are of different styles: business, arts, communication.


PLI coach’s attitude is not judgmental but an involvement to :

  • Highlight consequences, risks, opportunities, breaches … of your attitudes and initiatives,
  • Put things in perspective about your intention (hidden and declared)
  • Question without bias about facts and emotion, for a new way of being and acting,
  • Acknowledge your initial stage and facilitate a new dynamic
  • Change angles about useless routines, roadblocks, imaginary obstacles,
  • Help in the team-up for results!


“I am touched when people and teams achieve success through new ways of being. I like to start from an inspiring result as expressed by the participants, one that would also be considered ‘unachievable’. Rather than a predefined method, I leverage on people with their limitations and barriers, and on teams with their challenges. I am committed to concrete results, and I like sharing achievements.”

Adel Paul Boulad


PLI Coaches:

Adel Paul BouladBernard HackerVéronique HenaffCatherine KossmannAntoine Sicot


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